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"The STAR patches are a great idea, I use them for my 9-10 year-old little league team. Gold for making every practice, Red for game achievements, Blue for sportsmanship and attitude. THANKS!!!" Thomas, CT USA

"This week, after 12 games, I finally get to give out my first defensive patch to a forward who consistently played strong defense to keep the ball in our opponents penalty area. What a success!" Kevin, Fullerton Rangers GU-11

"The kids loved the patches at the first practice almost as much as the parents did!!!!" Coach Kevin, USA

"Through using the motivational patches, even the kids were telling each other the good things they were doing. The parents seem to really like the patch idea too." Coach Kris, Kansas

"I think Gold Star patches have helped bring out some good leadership in my players and my defensive players love the "D" patches." Sean